Inspired by a love of interior design, upcycling and an obsession with candles Can To Candle have worked tirelessly to develop a range  of high quality soy wax candles which look beautiful and smell exquisite but do not cost a fortune.

We believe candle making is the perfect blend of art and science.

Our candles are designed to provide not only a longer burn time than paraffin wax ,along with simple, subtle fragrances that fill a room with scent, but look great too. Our packaging is simple and minimal, contemporary and clean and will compliment every style of home.

We are committed to providing our customers with affordable candles that offer superior burn time and emit long lasting fragrances. At the same time we like to provide friendly and attentive customer service.

Our candle collections are designed to make excellent gifts, that are individually hand crafted, unique, quirky and full of character, with something for everyone.

We hope you enjoy looking at our candle collections and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice on which scent to choose or if you would like to create a bespoke candle.