Where & Why

Lots of my customers ask me where did I get the idea for Can To Candle. The simple answer is Pinterest, a highly addictive website of wonderful images and ideas. It was while browsing this, that I came across an image of citronella candles in recycled tin cans when I had my “light bulb” moment. I thought “I could do that” and instead of leaving the cans plain I would cover them with recyled, fabrics, wallpapers and paint charts that I had lurking around the house from my days as an interior designer. It would be “interior design for candles”.

Initially I had friends keeping their old cans for me that I would use for the candles, but keeping up with demand soon became a problem. I now buy in my candle cans to ensure I have a steady supply and am now able to have my stock in shops as well.

Why did it grow from a hobby into a business? I found I loved making the candles and friends were always saying that I should sell them. So I decided to take the plunge and sell my candles, with the aim of bringing affordable natural wax candles in quirky cans that are a little bit different with a recycling twist.