kindle cones


The perfect organic way to light an open fire or log burner over winter, and is much nicer than using synthetic lighters. The pine cones will also infuse the room with a gentle aroma of spices and orange , perfect for Autumn or Christmas. Fill a basket or bowl and keep handy by the fire, just remember to keep out of reach from young children. The pine cone firelighters make a perfect gift idea or adult stocking filler.

Each bag contains 7 ┬áscented pine cone fire lighters. Each pine cone is set in a wax base infused with a blend of our “Winter Spice” fragrance oil,a beautiful combination of sweet orange and classic cinnamon. These make a great alternative gift idea for a dinner party thank you or for the person in your life who is impossible to buy for.

To use these firelighters, simply place them at the base of your fire or stove and arrange kindling over the top before lighting the wick. The wax ensures that the pine cone will catch light and burn for long enough to ignite the kindling and create a real blaze.


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