sans scent


Our unscented 2 wick pure soy wax candle is ideal for people with allergies, sensitivities, asthma and other conditions that require a fragrance free environment. This candle is also a great choice if you have babies, kids or partners who cannot tolerate fragrance.

Choose a “Sans Scent” candle to decorate a festive table – this way your guests will enjoy the smell of the food instead of candle fragrance. The candle creates a romantic, intimate and relaxing atmosphere without the interference of a strong candle scent.

The candle is beautifully presented in a kraft box made from recycled cardboard making it a  perfect gift or if the candle is just for personal use you can save on packaging costs by opting for the no box option from the drop down menu. If you choose no box the candle will come wrapped in tissue paper.

Burn time: approx 35 + hours

Dimensions: 10 cm (h) x 8.5 cm (d)

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